1. You raised a good point that for life or death issues, not sharing information crosses the line into evil
  2. On the other hand, how do we transition from the current state to the ideal future society where companies (and individuals) are less evil?
  3. Google appears to have moved in the opposite direction. Personally, I feel Google should at least get credit for publicly acknowledging their shift by deleting their famous motto.
  4. What I am most concerned about is what role, if any, the rest of us may have played to contribute to our present condition? For example, when we select a fund for our 401k, do we pick a fund based on ROI or do we seek a fund that is less evil?
  5. Hypothetically, if there is a life science fund that openly shares its diligence reports, but has mediocre ROI record, would we preferentially let it handle our retirement money?