More about Google Ventures’ Theranos due diligence:

When Google Ventures, which focuses more than 40 percent of its investments on medical technology, tried to perform due diligence on Theranos to weigh an investment, Theranos never responded. Eventually, Google Ventures sent a venture capitalist to a Theranos Walgreens Wellness Center to take the revolutionary pinprick blood test. As the V.C. sat in a chair and had several large vials of blood drawn from his arm, far more than a pinprick, it became apparent that something was amiss with Theranos’s promise.


  1. Theranos may have tried to avoid VC’s that have medical expertise, by intentionally not responding to Google Ventures, for example
  2. The Walgreens launch happened in late 2013, so it appears Google Ventures did not have a chance to closely assess Theranos from 2003 to 2013
  3. What kind of due diligence on Theranos did Walgreens complete?