Why is it still happening?

I visited the US Holocaust Museum 2 days ago and strongly recommend traveling to Washington DC to go through the exhibit to find the answer to this question.

Hint: The Holocaust is not just about antisemitism. The topic is much broader and antisemitism is but a singular (although sadly a very dramatic and prominent) example: the tip of iceberg revealing fundamental human flaws.

We don’t have be Jewish to be singled out, persecuted, or killed.

We don’t have to be German or Nazi to discriminate against people who are culturally, racially, or religiously different from us, in order to “defend our own interests”.

Perhaps by learning, understanding, and remembering the Holocaust, we will take notice when we start down the same path taken by our predecessors? Stopping ourselves from defending “our own interests” will be a most difficult challenge — our opportunity to avoid reenacting the same history. This is the key takeaway for me.