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  • Alex List

    Alex List

    Born-again MIT student. Apple Design Award recipient. Founder of usemagnet.com

  • Rigetti Computing

    Rigetti Computing

    On a mission to build the world’s most powerful computer.

  • DHH


    Creator of Ruby on Rails, Founder & CTO at Basecamp (formerly 37signals), NYT Best-selling author of REWORK and REMOTE, and Le Mans class-winning racing driver.

  • Zat Rana

    Zat Rana


  • Escape The Room — AR

    Escape The Room — AR

    Bring the mystery into your own room! Augmented reality escape room experience on iOS. Follow on Twitter and IG: @escaperoomapp escapetheroomapp.com

  • Erik D. Kennedy

    Erik D. Kennedy

    Staying hungry, staying foolish, and getting stuff done. Independent UX/UI Designer. Teaches at http://LearnUI.Design

  • Jason Yuan

    Jason Yuan

    everything sucks; reinvent everything

  • Brad Ellis

    Brad Ellis

    Interaction Designer • Tall West

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