Fly without Flying Cars?

Elon Musk is probably right. To solve the “soul-destroying” traffic problem, roads must go 3D.

“To alleviate traffic, transportation corridors, like the buildings that feed into them, must expand into three dimensions. One option is to “go up” with flying cars. However, flying cars have issues with weather, noise, and generally increase anxiety levels of those below them. The other option is to “go down” and build tunnels.” — The Boring Company, 2018 May 23

Is there a way to fly without flying cars?

Transit X proposes a system of mini-car sized, battery-powered pods, suspended under mono-rail:

Personally, I prefer the view from these pods over the tunnels. The on and off ramps with integrated charging (from solar electric panels) also appear doable. Additionally, these pods can be routed into tunnels to create a hybrid above and below ground network.

Unfortunately, unlike the Boring Company, Transit X is still looking for funding to build a demo system.


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