I just learned Rafa died from injuries several days after close encounter with a truck while biking in Costa Rica.

He has always been full of energy, positive drive, and working on something *Very Large*. This is from the last communication from him:

As for me, after seven stormy, interesting…

Not my dream, but a dream I really appreciated

A woman in her 50s, shares the dream in which she lives in a large white noisy house with many friends and two pets: a white puppy and a young bird in the process of learning to fly. …

After typing in message and pressing the “Send” button, the keyboard disappears and the message display should now scroll up to show the newly sent message, which is typically at the very bottom of the scrollView right above the text field.

Scrolling Up Programmatically is easy. Understanding it is big step towards knowing how SwiftUI works.

SwiftUI recently added a scrollView.scrollTo method, which moves view…

Tips for Newbie: FreeCAD, Cura, first 3D printer pitfalls and solutions

3D Printing has been getting easier every year, but it is still not as easy as 2D printing.

The ability to turn any imagined object into actual item-in-the-physical world has been a magical power beyond the reach of the common man.

“Personal” 3D printing gets us closer, but just like in the early days of personal computing…

Andrew Ho

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